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Jacob’s Story

School Leaver Employment Support – Jacob is an extraordinary year 12 student who has special talents with small engines. Support To Thrive have been working with Jacob to create a customised employment plan. We are currently in the assessment and skill building phase. Jacob would like to find a way to use his skills and knowledge of small engines to eventually find paid employment or commence his own business. Support To Thrive have supported Jacob to advertise and interview support workers who have skills in motors and can support Jacob to build his own skills. Jacob then recruited his awesome support worker Al from ‘Looking for Ants’ who works with him weekly to service and upgrade small, motored items. Support To Thrive assisted Jacob connect with the commuity to seek donations of small motored items. Over the next 6-12 months, Jacob will continue to develop his skills and knowledge. Support To Thrive will continue the customised employment process with Jacob with regular meetings to see where his talents might lead to paid work.